I have learned a lot about myself and about how to enhance the learning experience for learners with  PMLD. I found the course very enjoyable. Sarah is an excellent tutor whose commitment and passion for the subject is infectious. Her logical and methodical approach suited my way of learning. Indeed, all learning styles were catered for on the course. I would recommend this course to anyone teaching in the area where learners have a disability. Thank you Sarah for your patience and encouragement.

Maggie – Merton Adult Education

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. The teaching was excellent and the teacher made the lesson very engaging. Sarah’s passion for her subject is very evident in her practice. I now feel informed in PMLD and feel equipped to improve my practice with this new knowledge. Thank you for an enjoyable learning experience, I am so glad I joined the course.

Marie – Merton Adult Education

I found the training very informative, backed up with good resources. It was great to try and use some fantastic ideas, also for a while to step into the shoes of the disabled person and practice some activities. Also there were links to very professional documents online which I am going to read to broaden my knowledge more, all for the benefits of the students.

Nela – Orchard Hill College

I have thoroughly enjoyed completing the Level 3 Award in Understanding the Needs of Individuals with PMLD. I have learnt a great deal which I will be able to apply to my sessions when working with PMLD learners, and will continue to read relevant information to support my understanding further.The course was delivered with a range of resources making it stimulating for all types of learning styles and was supported with a combination of knowledge, videos and classroom based ideas/suggestions.

Thank you.

Darryl – Orchard Hill College

This training course has been invaluable to me and I learned so much that can be beneficial for my students that I now embed this knowledge within my own practice. The process of studying this course has given me time to really think about what I am doing for my students and how I can help develop skills, independence and communication, build on self confidence and live more enriched lives.

Jay – Canterbury College

My thoughts on the PMLD course.  To start with we had all been given a “Pre coursework book” to study.  I must admit I did not study this very thoroughly but still it was a very useful tool and guide to inform students of what the course entails.  This is so that students have done some research so as to make the workshop day easier and not so much information.  Included in this were exercises to do.  The “Pre-coursework book” and the “Answer book” were sent to Sarah Townsend to be assessed and forwarded onto NOCN.

 I found the training day for the NOCN PMLD very thorough, informative and interesting.  Sarah Townsend, our trainer was very good , obviously very knowledgeable in her field of Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities.  She was passionate about her interest and gave a background how she came into this field of work. We had a “Training Day” outline that we handed out to everyone so we follow the structure of the day – I referred to this when completing some of the answer book.

 The day itself was very well formatted into the history and how people were treated right through to devising and doing a practical sensory story with our colleagues-such fun to get practical!!!  She explained that we have to get used to being and having fun ourselves otherwise how can this transfer onto our service user’s learning?  I just wished this day had been devised and taught years and years ago!!!!

 I have really enjoyed studying for the NOCN PMLD - I had no idea that there was so much research out there.  I will certainly be looking up the studies “Raising our Sights” and other pieces of research and suggest we print them out for work so that as a staff team we have access to them.  I have already been questioning my colleagues on choices and that we should be promoting choices.  Some of my colleagues question the value as they feel the service user is not really choosing and it is just a tokenistic gesture on our part  we have agreed that we need to look at how these choices are presented. I feel it depend on how the individual is feeling and whether we just put bottles of squashes in front of them and expect them to make a choice.

 I will be doing more garden groups so I will be planning better for each individual plus this course has made me more confident in speaking up for service users and for myself as I feel I have more knowledge behind me.

Sylvia – Surrey County Council

The course is very inspiring, informative and a good blend of theory and practical experiences.
Phil – Surrey County Council

The course has given me the courage and confidence to communicate with carers/individuals with PMLD; I was shopping with my teenage daughter and I struck up a lovely conversation with the carer of a man with PMLD and I also communicated with the gentleman himself!  I would not have had the courage to do this, prior to doing the course.

 Carol – Nescot