Intensive Interaction

‘Contributions to our Understanding of Communication Difficulties in People with Complex Learning Disabilities, Essay on Intensive Interaction.

Intensive Interaction (II) is a way of communicating sociably with people with Profound and Complex Learning Disabilities (PCLD) (Firth, 2008).

Given that communication for people with PCLD is unique and likely to be non verbal it is important that practitioners are awareness of these methods and are able to attach meaning to the signals in order to respond positively. These may include a change is behaviour, a movement of the eye or change in body position. Subtle communication cues need to be recognised and interpreted in order to develop communication (Copue O’kane & Goldart 1998). II  is an approach that can be used with people with PCLD as it uses their idiosyncratic behaviours and communication methods positively to evoke interaction.

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